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Prestressed concrete Pipes cater to Intermediate pressure range for which the metallic pipes are expensive while RCC pipes Would not be suitable. The strength of a PSC pipes is Achieved by helically binding high tensile steel wire under tension around a concrete core there by putting the core into compression.When the pipe is pressurised the stresses induced relieve the compressive stress but they are not sufficient to subject the core to tenslie stresses. The prestressing wire is protected against corrosion by a surround of cementatious cover coat giving at least 25mm of cover.

It is unique combination of dyrability of concrere and high strength of steel combined with economy in raw materials. The PSC pipes are ideally suited for water supply main wherepressures in range of 6 Kg/cm2 to 20 Kg/cm2 are encountered

Two Types of PSC Pipes are Use today

  • Cylinder Type : Consists of concrete lined steel cylinder with steel joint rings welded to its ends warpped with a helix of highly stressed wire and coated with dense cement mortar concrete.
  • Non Cylinder Type : Consists of concrete core which is pre_compress both in longitudinal and circumferential directions by a highly stressed with the wire wrapping is protected by coat of cement mortar or concrete.


Reinforced cement concrete pipes can cater to the needs where pressures is upto 3.0Kg/cm2. It is low cost when compared to PSC pipes. Pipes are used where in low pressure.



Mild steel is steel has low carbon, contains 0.16–0.29% carbon.It is
used specific locations where PSC, RCC pipes not position to laying
and at D.C.Points..